Mikio Iijima, President
We are a comprehensive manufacturer of products for the medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare industry that supports today’s increased lifespans
Taketora Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mikio Iijima, President

Enriching people's lives and improving their quality of life

Mikio Iijima, President

The Taketora Group originated as a medical sanitary equipment supplier company named “Takeshita Toragoro Shoten,” which was founded by Toragoro Takeshita in Yokohama in 1914. In 1974, the company was renamed Taketora Co., Ltd., the current company name. In 2000, the company expanded its business overseas and established a local subsidiary in the Philippines. The company reorganized its associated companies in 2003, became a holding company, and took on its current organizational structure.

Taketora has been involved in the manufacture of medical care products from its foundation and has since expanded its business to include wellbeing and healthcare products to meet needs as they arise. As a manufacturer of products and a trading company that procures the best quality products overseas, we have been engaged in developing, manufacturing, and selling safe, secure, and user-friendly medical, wellbeing, and healthcare products. Taketora has the widest range of products in the industry. We are proud of having the No. 1 share of rollator walking aids in Japan. Currently, we provide products to medical institutions, nursing care facilities, home-visit nursing care stations, and drugstores Japan-wide.

Our business practices originate in our wish to enrich people’s lives and improve their quality of life through our products: this is our corporate management philosophy.

Our first priority is to solve our customers’ problems

Mikio Iijima, President

These days, many people live to the age of 100 or more. If we need nursing care and support from others due to illness and other problems in the future, we will surely want to maintain our dignity and continue to live a comfortable and prosperous life.

To make these wishes a reality, the Taketora Group focuses on providing products for medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare services, with the motto of “solving customers’ problems first.”

For example, we manufacture nursing care products that are specially designed to reduce the mental burden on both care-receivers and caregivers. This enables us to help create an environment in which both parties can live more comfortably. Furthermore, we constantly ask ourselves, “What do people need in the field of nursing care and nursing care?” I believe that the most important thing in developing products is not to overlook even small matters, but to treat the concerns and wishes of customers as your own.

As home care has become more common, medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare services have become increasingly seamless. Items previously used only for inpatient care are now used in home scenarios; those used for wellbeing are now an essential requirement of home care. In response, Taketora has comprehensively involved itself in manufacturing products for these fields, under the theme of “Enriching people’s lives as much as possible.” We are confident that we are developing and providing products that meet people’s needs based on the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years.

Expanding business from various perspectives in the medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare fields

Mikio Iijima, President

Japanese people now live in a super-aging society: by 2025, a quarter of the population will be 75 years or more of age. I am sure that society will come to rely ever more on the Taketora Group. The COVID-19 crisis has made me realize, more than ever before, the importance of our company’s mission. While being proud of this, I also am aware of the importance of continuing to provide what people need in a timely and reliable manner. In 2021, we started constructing a new plant in the Philippines to expand our local subsidiary's production capacity. We will build upon what we have learned during this process to strengthen our supply chain and actively expand into overseas markets.

On the other hand, B2G, business with national and local governments, and B2C, business carried out via e-commerce sites, is also expanding year by year. We thus cooperate with external experts and allied companies. We are in the process of creating a business environment that allows us to respond faster to our customers’ diverse needs. We are promoting activities aiming to resolve environmental and social issues while fully considering what the Taketora Group can do for society.

Based on the 100 years of tradition that our predecessors have built, we aim to continue to evolve for the next 100 years, supported by the trust in us granted by everyone involved with our company. As a comprehensive manufacturer of medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare products, we will continue to provide products that enrich people’s lives and help society at large.

Management Philosophy


To enrich people's lives and contribute to society through the development and sales of medical care, wellbeing, and healthcare products.



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